Robynhood - A new kind of home in Berlin

A new kind of home. For people, not landlords. 

In 2019 Robynhood is introducing a new kind of home in Berlin. You will question everything you know about housing and your landlord is not going to like that. 

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The housing crisis is invading city after city.

4.5 billion people are hit by rising rents worldwide. 

Rents in Berlin have doubled in less than 10 years.


Many suffer, few profit.

When rents rise for the many, profits rise for the few. 

Property and stock continue to be the engines of global wealth generation.

Housing has become the new gold. 

Landlords are exploiting their power. 

The less housing there is, the more power they have. 

Discrimination is real.

Housing inequality is directly related to racial, social, gender, income and wealth inequality.

25% of global emissions are caused by housing.

Construction as we know it is killing our planet. 

Housing is broken. 

Nothing has changed, except the rents. 

How much longer can we let this happen?

In 2019 Robynhood is introducing a new kind of home.

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